I wonder if the person who wrote WinRAR’s 30 day trial mechanism has been fired, or maybe they say he’s fired but his ID still works and he can still walk into the building and get paid for his job.

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"and that is why pink ribbons are for boobies." -hank green

Omg!  You learn something new everyday…

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Mad Men’s psychedelic premiere is tomorrow at 10|9c. Be there when the final season begins.

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The Battle of Helm’s Deep already has its own official LEGO version, but the licensed set has nothing on this mind blowing set built by Lord of the Rings fans Rich-K and Big J.

As where the official LEGO version features 1,368 pieces, this custom job utilizes over 150,000 LEGO building blocks to recreate the classic scene from J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic film. In addition to the staggering number of bricks used for the installation, Helm’s Deep also includes 1,700 minifgures.

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